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#LiftTheBan Day of Action at Glasgow City Chambers

City of Sanctuary was proud to support the Lift the Ban Day of Action in Glasgow earlier this month. Led by MIN Voices of Maryhill Integration Network and supported by Refugee Survival Trust, Scottish Refugee Council, Cranhill Development Trust and British Red Cross, the event brought together people in the asylum system (‘experts by experience’), practitioners, supporters, journalists, local councillors, MSPs and MPs.
Lift the Ban is a UK-wide campaign led by Refugee Action and Asylum Matters hoping to persuade the UK government to restore the right to work to people in the asylum system. June 2019 has been designated the ‘month of action’ with large and small events taking place to raise awareness, sign petitions and complete campaign postcards that will be collected and sent to the Home Secretary at the end of June. 
There’s still time to participate in the #LiftTheBan campaign by organising the event, or joining the Lift the Ban Coalition – over 200 organisations across the UK are part of the Coalition already. For information and campaign resources, have a look at the asylum matters website here: